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Pan boiled-and-browned asparagus + good company

One of my favorite places in the world is Little Grasse Foodworks, a local farm that’s based around Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA. This past fall of 2012 I started volunteering at Little Grasse in my spare time. Among other things, I’ve pulled up five foot in diameter weeds, inoculated mushroom spores, transplanted baby leeks, and harvested crates of peppers. I always leave feeling joyful and brimming with life, and I count myself as one extremely lucky girl.

IMG_0787 IMG_0789

For my final in my Painting class this semester I created a painting series of Little Grasse, combining my love of art and love of a place that has fed my body and soul. So today I drove over the paintings, which Bob and Flip are going to display around the property.Here’s a few of them:

IMG_0726 IMG_0727 IMG_0739 IMG_0742

We chatted for a while and I got fed some seriously scrumptious asparagus, which I immediately knew needed to be shared with the world. There are no measurements but it’s pretty simple, and it preserves and enhances that inherent green asparagus flavor perfectly. The browning of the butter also gives it a rich, nutty flavor that just can’t be beat. Go buy asparagus from your farmer’s market this second!

Boiled and Browned Asparagus Spears



Salt & Pepper

From what I gathered standing in the kitchen and watching, Flip cut the asparagus spears into rough chunks while letting a pan with 2 inches of water boil on the stove. The asparagus spears went into the rollicking water and cooked for about five minutes, after which Flip drained the water and put the pan (still with the asparagus spears in it) back on the stove. A big pat of butter went in and melted, after which she gave the pan a stir to coat the spears and then we literally walked away from the stove for 7-10minutes. I could smell the butter gently frying the edges of the spears from the room over, my mouth positively watering in anticipation. Once soft, Flip added some salt and few heavy grinds of black pepper, then served it up.

IMG_0790 IMG_0792 IMG_0794 IMG_0798

It was really good. Like, really good. Like, have-my-first-born-child-I-just-want-the-asparagus good.


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