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First Day @ Little Grasse and some Very Special Eggs (Guinea Hen Eggs!)


Perfect day? Perfect day.

I woke up to streaming sunlight in Bob and Flip’s spare room, feeling refreshed and raring to go. After my long day of packing and moving yesterday, it was some well-deserved slumber.

Today we expanded the pig’s pen back into the woods (who needs a tiller when you’ve got baby pigs?), and set up some fencing around the gardens and soon to be chicken area. Little Grasse rotates their vegetables, animals, and crop cover every season to keep the soil healthy, and the fencing has to move with it.

Following a couple hours of brush clearing and post tying, lunch was incredibly satisfying. Food just tastes better when you’re a little tired, you know? I cooked up some boiled-and-browned asparagus and a big pan of Very Special Eggs. What is that mythical sounding dish you may wonder?  It’s guinea hen scrambled eggs made with bits of home-cured bacon. The best eggs to EVER CROSS THE THRESHOLD OF MY MOUTH .

Guinea hen eggs are small and brown speckled and very, very hard. I really had to whack them on the counter to get them to crack. The yolks are also bigger, which made for an incredibly creamy texture and sunshine yellow appearance.


I am fully cognizant of the fact that most people (including me, usually) don’t readily have access to exotic fowl eggs, but rest assured, this works with regular eggs and bacon. It really is pretty incredible, though almost equally easy.

Very Special Eggs AKA Eggs made with Bacon

  • Eggs ( I used nine guinea hen for three people, but these are really tiny eggs!)
  • Bacon

1. Cut a few slices of bacon into small pieces. I used a block of uncut bacon straight from the freezer. I finely shaved off a few pieces and then diced them.


2. Get a cast iron pan nice and hot and throw in your bacon pieces. Let them cook for a few minutes, stirring once or twice, until the fat has rendered out and the bits are crispy. The beauty of this dish is you need no additional fat or salt, because the bacon supplies it!

IMG_0836 IMG_0837

3. Add your whisked eggs and let them sit for a moment, then gently move them with your spatula to let any uncooked egg get a shot at the bottom of the pan. Cook until just set, serve.



One thought on “First Day @ Little Grasse and some Very Special Eggs (Guinea Hen Eggs!)

  1. I don’t have any guinea hens, but it looks very interesting. And I like the idea of cutting up the bacon and mixing it in with the eggs. Thanks for your pictures.

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