Snapshots of a good day (filled with good food)

Today was very busy, so pictures and memories will have to suffice for now, and recipes will follow later. I moved into the camper last night, which really means I moved my pillow and comforter onto the futon in there. It is very cozy (I fit perfectly in the bed, I couldn’t be an inch taller!) and set further back into the property, which resulted in me feeling like some sort of mystical forest-dweller this morning.



Since it’s Saturday and it was positively gorgeous, a lot of share-holders and farm friends came out to help with the planting of beans, snap peas, beets, cilantro, and leeks. I was barefoot most of the morning, which was more refreshing than I can describe, my feet usually being confined to shoes back on campus.

Some friends of Flip were in town for their son’s commencement, so lunch was around the picnic table, and included a pretty incredible lemon and maple beverage as well as a mixed green and asparagus salad. I was the official lemon-squeezer.

IMG_0883 IMG_0888 IMG_0889

The rest of the day was pretty low-key, and the afternoon was mine to do with what I wished. And what I wished was lazily reading one of the many incredible books that resides at Little Grasse on the sun-soaked porch. It was on my favorite subject: meat! Just kidding, it was on charcuterie, which is elevated meat. A very different beast. I want to start sharing some of the books I’m reading for any food-revering book lovers out there soon; maybe we’ll start with this one.


Of course, as official greens thinner, that’s where I ended the day. We ate the bok choy braised with ham steaks and herb-y brown rice. Happy, tired, full of good food. I hope the majority of my days on this earth end this way.



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