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Farmer Bob’s Pork Ribs of Wonder

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Being a Native Texan (specifically a Hill Country Native Texan), I know barbeque. Barbeque is served on butcher paper in sparse surroundings with good pickles and coleslaw. Barbeque is beef brisket smoked to perfection and unmarred by a sloppy sauce. Barbeque is cooked over wood, and positively reeks of fresh black pepper.

But even I can recognize that we can’t all have smokers in the backyard, nor access to plentiful cuts of beef brisket. I also recognize that pigs are a damn fine animal and can cook up into something transcendental. So while this recipe may not qualify as Texas barbeque, it’s still some fine eating, and I licked my fingers clean in order to savor every last bit.

This recipe is very basic, very simple, very easy; very DELICIOUS. You’ve got ribs? Let’s show them a party. You give them a quick pat down of spices, cover, and cook until fall apart tender in the oven. Courtesy of Bob from Little Grasse.

Farmer Bob’s Pork Ribs of Wonder

  • Baby Back Ribs
  • Spice Rub (if you don’t have one I’m partial to just sprinkling on a generous layer of onion powder, garlic powder, cumin, paprika, salt and pepper. You really can’t mess this up. It’s pork, for goodness sake!)
  • Dried herbs if it strikes your fancy.

In a glass baking dish lay out your ribs and sprinkle on a generous layer of dry rub. Apply to the other side, cover with foil, and cook for a little under two hours at 400 degrees. That’s it. Ridiculously easy and ridiculously rewarding.

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One thought on “Farmer Bob’s Pork Ribs of Wonder

  1. Wait! I see a jar of dry rub from The Salt Lick, which is right here in Austin, Texas! I just made a pilgrimage there a couple of months ago. How did “farmer Bob” way up there in the Northeast get turned on to The Salt Lick’s dry rub?

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