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Buttery Sauteed Turnips & City Wandering

I had Saturday all to myself, and it was absolutely lovely. I released my mind from internship responsibilities and grocery store shifts and just enjoyed New York. The day was warm but breezy, and perfect walking weather. So I walked and wandered.

I went to the Farmer’s Market in the morning (more on that later!) and deliriously¬† meandered through vegetables and Amish butter and cartons of strawberries. Later I met up with my new friend Lola to check out the very famous Brooklyn Flea in Clinton Hill. I couldn’t exactly afford anything (Flea Markets attended solely by hipsters are NEVER cheap), but it was a real treat to just window-shop and look at the plethora of handmade, vintage, and artisan products. Pickles were tasted, jewelry was tried, and pulled pork aromas inhaled.


The real deals were to be found elsewhere, at the New York equivalent of a Texan Garage Sale: The Stoop Sale! Lampposts and streetlights hosted colorful and enticing (New Yorkers sure can market themselves…and their stuff!) posters that promised to fulfill my thrifting fantasies. I managed to exercise some restraint, however, and ended up with a few skeins of really beautiful yarn and a crochet hook. Come winter and Knitting Club, I’ll be glad of them.


After a long day of traipsing about, the night was cool and my tummy was growling. I had some leftover turnips from last week’s veggie haul, so they got a simple yet never-fail treatment and were gobbled up alongside some oven-roasted fish and a fresh salad. A perfect end to a perfect Saturday. Now, back to the grindstone!

Buttery Sauteed Turnips

  • 1 bunch turnips (I used soft, white, Japanese turnips, but all will do)
  • 2 tbsp butter
  • salt & pepper to taste

Slice your turnips into thin coins. Heat a skillet (cast-iron is best, as per usual), and melt 1 tbsp of butter in it. Once bubbling and browning, add your turnip coins and spread out in the pan, creating as thin a layer as you can. Sprinkle in salt and pepper. Allow to cook and brown for 1-2 minutes, then stir and spread out again. Continue doing this (and adding butter when the pan seems dry, the turnips soak up a lot of oil) until the coins are golden, toasty, and smell like heaven. Serve with fish or chicken and a large side salad. Or just eat them plain (a favorite breakfast of mine). Once cooked, the bitterness is all gone and the turnips actually taste a bit like potatoes.


Mmmmm, turnips. Never thought I’d say that!




One thought on “Buttery Sauteed Turnips & City Wandering

  1. I prepared Buttery Sauteed Turnips tonight and enjoyed them.
    This was a new experience for me since I never had them before.
    Thank you for the recipe and encouragement to cook them.

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