Ode to Fruit


Wind and ice,
Parsnips and potatoes,
The winter months drag on,
My tastebuds dull

More Parnsips,
more potatoes,
an occasional beet,
to excite the palate

Apples for snacks,

My body screams MANGO!
I scream NO!,
I am eating in season,
Righteous and indignant

More parnsips,
More potatoes,
More apples…
And apples.

Why don’t peaches keep in cold storage?

Spring awakes,
The brown mist rolls back,
My body feels light,
Where’s the fruit?

Waiting, Wondering, Hoping, Praying

March, April, May, June, THEY’RE HERE.

Baskets of berries
And mountains of melons,
Sticky peaches and apricots,
Shining cherries and currants dazzle

I whirl in confusion,
In delight,
In joy,
Whoops, too dizzy

Whole cartons demolished,
Plums die happy deaths
And Amy is Happy.

Very Happy.


If you couldn’t tell. I’m liking summer fruit. A lot.


No recipes required. It’s summer, for goodness sake! This is the time to just cram the goodness in your mouth as fast as possible and damn the scale. There are cherries and berries and melons and plums and apricots and gooseberries to consume! Get to it!



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