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July Eats


Not every meal I gobble down is worthy of a recipe – in fact, most of them aren’t, or are just variations on something I’ve already posted. However, I know how much I like looking at pictures of food, so I thought I’d share some of my I’ve-only-got-fifteen-minutes, FEED-ME-NOW meals from the incredibly busy month of July. The sunset is because…I love New York City sunsets.

This might also be my version of repentance for not adding new recipes as often as I feel I should. Hopefully, this satisfies (or incites!) your food cravings, and maybe even inspires some random lunch or dinner!

Fried Eggs and Cold Boiled Potatoes

Crispy and Salty meet Cold and Vinegary in a perfect summer lunch. Boil some potatoes. Douse in olive oil and red wine vinegar. CONSUME.


Orange and Cucumber Salad

Just some chopped romaine topped with orange wedges, cucumbers, and generously doused with apple cider vinegar and olive oil.


Braised Cabbage, Onions, and Radishes with a Poached Egg

Similar to my Braised Cabbage, but with a few extra veggies and some thinly sliced beef thrown in.


Failed Pork, Basil, Green Onion and Tomato Omelette

It was still delicious.


Anybody eating anything un-glamorous but decidedly delicious lately?


One thought on “July Eats

  1. haha, I thought “Failed” was part of the name (hmm, is that an obscure cooking technique?) until I read “It was still delicious”.

    Potatoes and red wine vinegar… that sounds interesting. Could be a nice alternative to butter.

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