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Back to School


I am neither dead nor injured nor bereft of my love of food. I’ve just been busy.

New York to Texas back to New York, and finally here, at school, at the tail end of an eight hour drive. It’s been a little crazy, but I’m finally settled in and getting back into the rhythm of things, which means my food adventures can begin again in earnest. And what better place to experiment than in the gorgeous, light-filled kitchen of my new home?


This semester I’m living in a rather unique housing option centered around sustainability, located a little ways off campus, where we have chickens and pigs and a giant garden, and some of the best views of my life. It’s a refreshing and welcome shift compared to my life in New York City, and I’m so excited to be here.

If you needed proof of the awesome-sauce nature of my new abode, let me describe a recent breakfast: I woke up to a dewy and sunshine filled morning, walked out to the garden and picked swiss chard, visited the chickens and got some eggs, and then made an egg, rice, and garlicky green scramble. It was heaven.


I promise, I PROMISE, if you stick with me, the food will come. Starting with rice cakes and homemade applesauce from upstate NY apple trees. I think I’m gonna like it here.


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