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Aaaand, She’s Off! (in which I attempt to leave the country and am foiled at every turn)

Aaand she's off


It’s been a while. And by a while I mean approximately five-and-a-half months of blog silence. I could make many creative and colorful excuses, but the truth is I’ve been busy with school and life and I didn’t make time for writing about my culinary adventures at large (though, rest assured, they have been occurring).

But all that changes now. Why, you may ask? Why, because I’m going abroad for most of 2014! Part study abroad, part research, and part I’m-young-and-this-is-my-chance-to-travel, I’ll be immersing myself in Quebec City, Canada, France, the UK, and finally Italy.

I’m excited and nervous and in a mild state of denial; I’ve never been to Europe before, and my taste-buds are positively raring to go. In fact, I’m even relaxing my almost scary food standards, and am determined to try everything except the bread (wheat allergy and all). Raw cheeses, fresh produce, and abundant seafood await me – my dreams have been teeming with anticipated meals.

Now, if only I could get out of this country! I was supposed to arrive in Quebec City today, but since the airport is closed, that…didn’t happen. Never fear, I’m flying to a nearby city via Cleveland of all places, and can hitch a ride from there to the iciest, snowiest, coldest place in North America (sometimes I seriously question my sanity – I’m from TEXAS, for goodness’ sake).

So I’ll get there. Really.

This was supposed to be a I’m-Abroad-How-Exciting! first post, but I suppose a I’m-Almost-Abroad post will have to do.

Au Revoir. Er, goodbye I mean. Still in Chicago.


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