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Cleveland & Goals for Europe


Ah, Cleveland.

Well, if nothing else, this closed airport/delayed flights/clear indication that Canada is rejecting me debacle allows me the once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy the splendor of the Cleveland, Ohio airport. To be fair, it’s quite clean and bright and full of friendly people, but my lack of sleep and utter sickness (I’m trying so hard not to breathe on people) mars the experience a bit.

Nice decorations though. Better windows than O’Hare in Chicago, and the restaurants have surprisingly edible-sounding food. I now this because though I never actually eat in airports,  I have the strange habit of compulsively reading all menus I come across, from upscale steakhouses to gelato stands. Cleveland offers a fair amount of seafood atop rice, which beats Dallas’s burgers and pizzas any day. Dulles in D. C. always wins out though, because there you can buy a whopping amount of guacamole from Chipotle.

I suppose this is a good last chance to outline some of my goals for the next eleven months, before I officially leave the country. Which, pray the travel gods, will happen today. Don’t be surprised if you hear about a plane that went down right before the Canadian border. I’ll be the one they find wandering the snowy wilderness in three days, reduced to eating my own arms.

Goals for 2014 in Europe:

  1. Be open and take risks. Say YES.
  2. Fully engage with and immerse myself into any and all cultures I come across.
  3. EAT; all bets are off (except for wheat and pasteurized dairy, and I’ll avoid sugar when I can. Don’t you snicker! I’m very flexible…in a rigid sort of way).
  4. Surprise myself.
  5. Make a lot of art.

Any other ideas? What am I missing?


3 thoughts on “Cleveland & Goals for Europe

  1. I’m so glad you made it this far. If you get a chance try the chili, Cleveland has a different profile flavorwise for their chili then Texas does. Looking forwards to hearing all about Canada. Feel better ! Aunt Lynn

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