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Wine & Pasta: I Regret Nothing


Two things I do not usually consume, oui?

But get this. I have had a FULL glass of red wine three nights in a row now. This might seem tame (more likely pathetically childish) to some, but for me, these are strides, people. It was hard at first, I’ll admit. But before I departed, I made a solemn promise to myself that I would try any wine offered to me, in the hopes that my indifference/mild distaste for wine would be transformed into a deep appreciation and love for the raved about adult beverage.

This is partly because I want to integrate into French culture….and partly because I know wine is supposed to make food taste better. In case you didn’t know, or hadn’t noticed, I like food. Therefore, the wine desire.

I’m not quite up there with my roommate, Courtney, who polishes off a bottle with our host parents each night, but at least my nose doesn’t scrunch up anymore! I suspect in two weeks time, I might even manage to start appreciating the subtle flavors and underlying notes I have so-far been taking on faith exist (if not, this is all for nothing).

But I’m being coy. The pasta. Well, alright, not quite. It was brown rice pasta. But that’s still unusual, and a big victory for me! Let me explain.

I usually stick to vegetables and meat. But, really. I eat big bowls of kale and chard and buy a lot of short ribs. I don’t have pasta-like things often, and if I do, they are a tiny part of an otherwise veggie-heavy meal. Tonight, however, we had brown rice pasta tossed with a little chicken and some leftover vegeatbles…and I had three servings. It was fantastic, and not particularly healthy. But guess what? Je ne regrette rien. I regret nothing.

I’m having a lovely time, and slowly I’m learning to relax my iron grip on life.

I think this trip might be good for me in ways I didn’t realize.


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