Europe / Quebec City / Snapshots

Discovering Quebec


This is a walking city.

At least, it has been for me. Every day this week our class has taken a field trip after a morning of French classes (after our three hour lunch, of course). We’ve been to museums, to Parliament, to charming tourist-y shopping centers…my favorite trips have been the last two days; on Friday we took a boat ride over the Saint-Laurent (St. Lawrence river), and Saturday was a full day excursion to a nearby island and the coast of Quebec, three course lunch included.



None of this sounds particularly hard on the feet, but I am telling you, I am going to have legs of STEEL at the end of these two weeks. My roommate and I also decided to walk the 2.2 kilometers to school each day to save money, which is probably contributing a bit to the whole my-shins-are-about-to-fall-off. Not to mention how hilly Quebec City is. They actually have an elevator near the center of town, expressly built to ferry people between the two extreme levels of Quebec!

A small part of me is rocking herself in a corner somewhere, moaning about my shins, but the rest of Amy really likes walking everywhere. It makes me feel like I’m back in New York City. Each day I become better acquainted with certain streets and areas; I know where I would buy my groceries if I lived here, where I would go for a good lunch, the best skating rink (if I felt so inclined to fall flat on my face…).



Walking means you get to see everything in between your home and your destination, which I think makes for a much fuller experience. It also gets you places you simply can’t go by car or train, like the very top of a waterfall. You slow down, you appreciate, you fall a little in love with random corners and the way the sun falls through the cracks of the buildings in the early morning.

Sometimes, you see some really neat buildings.

Sometimes, you climb far too many stairs, and get the view of a lifetime.



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