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Quebecois Comfort Food


It’s cold here.

Cold as in: your breath is snatched from your lungs every time you venture outside, your toes feel like numb little sausages, your eyes tear up and then freeze over, your legs feel like thick yet brittle columns of ice. This isn’t new to me – after all, for the last two and a half years I’ve attended school in upstate New York. But that doesn’t mean each winter doesn’t come as a bit of a shock, and after a first week of balmy upper teens and early twenties (Fahrenheit), the last two days have been brutal. To be clear, brutal is -20 degrees.


Thankfully, there’s been some extremely warm, cozy, and distinctly Quebecois cooking going on at my home stay. A few days ago we had an amazing lentil soup, followed by a lasagna of mashed potatoes, salmon, and zuchinni.This may sound strange, but it’s absolutely divine. The soft, fluffy, starchy potatoes against the oily, fatty salmon is the definition of comfort food, and the thin slices of zucchini add a nice touch of juicy moisture. I’m definitely going to try and recreate this once I have my own kitchen again.

The parade of curl-up-and-doze dishes continued last night when we had the single homiest soup of my life – minestrone- and a Quebecois classic of a ground beef, creamed corn, and mashed potato casserole. I just had the beef and potatoes part, but let me assure you, I have a new appreciation for the humble casserole.

Potatoes? Common and much appreciated ingredient. Soup also nips any of my I’m-clearly-insane-what-was-I-thinking? thoughts. Just two (TWO!) more days, and I leave for France, so I’m going to soak up the cold and enjoy it; well, try, at least. I’m going to miss Quebec; I’m determined to come back and visit in the summer someday.

Now, which three sweaters and two pairs of pants shall I wear tomorrow?



One thought on “Quebecois Comfort Food

  1. Your wonderful host mother looks more and more like an angel to me. Oh, how it must smell like heaven in her kitchen and tasted divine with all those mouth-watering homey wonders. What a blessing!

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