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Moules & Frites in Dieppe


Sometimes you need a really perfect day. After a week of classes, and a lot of rain, a day like Saturday was truly welcome, for a myriad of reasons:

1. I went to the sea! Specifically, the adorable seaside port town of Dieppe, in Northern France. It’s a 20 euro, one hour train-ride away from Rouen, and worth every beloved penny. The day was supposed to be cloudy, but the sun ended up peeking through at all the right times – when we were sitting on the pebbled beach, when we had lunch outside a cafe along the Old Quay, and right when we arrived, so that my first vision of Dieppe was that of sparkling boats.



2. Moules & Frites; or Mussels and Fries, a traditionally Belgium dish that is served in practically every restaurant in Dieppe, alongside smoked mackerel, triple decker seafood platters (which someday I will try when I have 45 euros to drop), and a plethora of seafood pasta dishes (which will sadly never pass these lips). For a neat 9.90 euros I devoured a smoked mackerel and potato salad, a giant crock of mussels (think about 100 little marinara drenched babies, bits of sand still stuck in a few of the shells), and a hefty plate of olive-oil fried frites (I asked!). The mussels were salty and fresh, the fries were crispy and golden and not horrendously over salted like their American counterparts. I sat in the sun for a solid two hours, lunching my life away. It was the sort of perfection I hope to obtain again and again in the future.


3. A Spectacular View. I’ve been to the sea before. In Texas, in Florida, in New York – but this view topped them all. Maybe it was the millions of perfectly polished stones, maybe it was the light blue and green, and further out stormy navy, water, maybe it was a sky that felt like it was just out of reach….some rugged cliffs and a charming CASTLE didn’t hurt either, to be honest. Walking along the beach, picking up far too many pieces of sea glass, and having my hair tangled into a knotty mess….it was that perfect day.




A la prochaine! (Or, until next time!)


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