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A Love Letter to Breakfast



how I miss you. How I adore you. I didn’t realize the bond we shared, your importance in my life, until you were so cruelly snatched away by the loving, yet firm and unyielding, embrace of France. I think of you all the time.  I can hardly believe I ever skipped you, ever neglected you! I’ve been ungrateful. Every rendezvous with you should have been deliberate, and cared about, and savored. Never again, Breakfast. When we meet again, I will never again take you for granted.

I like many aspects of French Culture and Life. But let me tell you about one I detest. BREAKFAST. Wait, no, I take that back. I can’t detest something that doesn’t exist, now, can I? Because breakfast does not exist in the this country. Oh, Amy, you must laugh. Don’t be silly. Of COURSE they eat breakfast. Let me assure you, the French DO NOT. Here is a typical French Breakfast:

Single cup of espresso. Perhaps a piece of toast with honey, or a croissant. For the lucky children, a single yogurt.


My worst nightmare.

Luckily, this hasn’t been a problem in Rouen, because my host family is endlessly kind, and let me fix something for myself in the morning (which usually looks like leftovers, a salad, or a few fried eggs). But in Paris, we’re staying at a hotel that offers a breakfast as part of the price, so each morning, the group is expected to eat here. But this so called “breakfast” consists of:

1 croissant + 1 baguette + bowl of cereal + coffee.


Bread + Bread + Bread +and-oh-did-I-mention-bread?

The issue is, even if I wanted to go out and spend money on breakfast, a real breakfast in Paris is NO WHERE TO BE FOUND. Well, that’s not exactly true. After exhaustive research, I have located a few places that serve breakfast…for about 13 euros. Even if my lunch allowance wasn’t 7 euros, 13 euros for two eggs and a slice of bacon?!!!!

So, today, the rest of the world who eats breakfast (I’m looking at you, Germany, and Japan, and all the other places that provide nourishment to their people before 1:00 in the afternoon), wins.

Rant over. My stomach is grumbling.

P.S. Paris is still awesome.


One thought on “A Love Letter to Breakfast

  1. I think this explains the steady decline of French power in the world. Their undernourished troops lost too many wars. Their starving politicians and businessmen cannot think straight because they spend their mornings caffeinating themselves in a desperate attempt to make it to lunch. Then they overcompensate with a 2 hour lunch followed by a 2 hour food coma. Before you know it, it’s time for dinner and the day is over!

    You must become one with the squirrel and hoard little piles of nuts, fruits, cheese, salami, jerky and what not, nibbling away each morning while the French remain unaware of the Trojan American, repudiating the (non) breakfast custom.

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