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Coming Back and a Recap


It’s been a long time.

I don’t know how a one week break in Paris turned into a months-long silence, but somehow it did, and for that I am very sorry. Sorry to the few people who actually read this blog (hey Grandma!), and sorry to myself, for having abandoned something I love and find so empowering. If I had to muse a couple of reasons as to why, they’d go sort of like this:

1. I was trying to really immerse myself in French, and writing in English took me out of that.

2. I was wildly swinging through euphoria and loneliness, and wasn’t sure how to express myself.

3. I felt like I HAD to post, which made me…not want to? That’s weird. I had expectations and imagined expectations for what this blog was SUPPOSED to be, that I found difficult to live up to.

So, moving forward, I’m just going to write. About food, about life, about art, about anything. So I guess I’m not really a Paleo blog, or a Recipe Blog, or a Young-Person-Adventuring Blog anymore. Just a this-is-what’s-coming-out-of-my-brain blog. Hooray! What lightness, what freedom! So, let me tell you about my 21 mosquito bites….just kidding, I still have some idea of what’s interesting and not.

What comes to mind first is a sort of update on where life has been a-flinging me since…good glory, March?!!! Yeesh, naughty Amy! Slap on the wrist! Well, here goes:


Visited Paris for one week with my program, and then one week alone – goodness, it was lovely. I ate a lot of sorbet, and took lots of naps in parks. My good friend Amanda also visited for a weekend, and I had a blast showing her around the city. A highlight was taking a leisurely picnic under the Eiffel Tower and wandering around the Louvre pyramid at midnight.


Went back to Rouen, and somehow got much more proficient in French – still unsure how that happened. I guess it was my classes, coupled with reading lots of simple books in French!


Visited Senegal for a week in April – it’s hard to describe this one adequately, and to explain the scope of what I learned there, but in a few words: beautiful, terrifying, painful, confusing, delicious, and warm.


Visited Brussels, Belgium for a weekend – where my aforementioned friend, Amanda, got to show me HER city! Wine, dancing, INCREDIBLE MEALS.


Finished the semester, and struck out into France! – this includes visiting the Sud (South of France), a two week trip with my parents around the west coast and eastern mountains of France, and WAY TOO MUCH goat cheese. FYI, I regret nothing.


Aaaaannnnd, finally, I’m here, in Lyon – for a little three week interim before I strike off for farming in Cyprus. More on…um, everything, in later posts.

Hope everyone is happy and well-fed (that last part is especially important). A bientot!


2 thoughts on “Coming Back and a Recap

  1. What a delight, having you back writing to us again! And, expanding your horizons,
    venturing into any and all topics. That seafood platter in front of you all makes me wish
    I was with you, enjoying your adventures. Here it is the 4th of July and I put out eight
    little American flags to celebrate the day. Visualize a flag every ten feet in front of my neighbor’s and my house. Up the street a couple always decorate their yard for any
    reason: yesterday they put out a cardtable with a red and white checked cloth and a
    huge watermellon. Very appropriate and good reason for a party. Happy 4th of July.

  2. I am so glad you have accomplished what you set out to do, and I really do enjoy your posts. The recipe for the lentils was a wonderful bonus! Now is a beautiful time to do all these exciting things! Have fun and enjoy.

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