Amy + Fire stands for a lot of things. It’s actually pretty darn clever, if I do say so myself.

First, Amy + Fire is about me, Amy, learning and loving to cook. Most of the recipes I post are about ingredients plus heat, so the name seems appropriate. I love to roast, bake, sautee, fry, braise, you name it. If it involves the stove or the oven, I’m going to be interested.

IMG_2061     IMG_2060

Amy + Fire is also a shout-out to my personal philosophy about food and the way I found my love of the epicurean. In may of 2012, I had just finished my freshman year of college. And I felt awful. Mentally and physically exhausted, I finally stopped blaming the world and took a look at my own habits. Turned out, they weren’t so hot. Let’s just say a typical day included several slices of pizza and a fair amount of synthetic blueberry muffins. So I decided to cut out dairy and wheat, foodstuffs I had heard unsettling rumors about ( like I shouldn’t consume them). When my energy levels skyrocketed and I lost five pounds, I got kind of excited. I can be overly zealous at times, and I positively dove into books, blogs, and bibliographies to try and find the “perfect diet”.

I stumbled across the Paleo diet, and thought it made sense. Consequently, I quit all grains, dairy, sugar, and legumes. Within two months, I had dropped twenty pounds, six dress sizes, and I felt pretty damn hot. I kept up the Paleo lifestyle until recently, when I put rice, yams, and white potatoes back into my diet, worried about my seemingly droopy energy levels. The extra carbs perked me right up, so as of now, I’d call myself a fervent follower of a locavore whole foods diet, centered on pastured, humanely raised meats, organic produce, and the wild edibles in my area of upstate New York.

The most important thing to me is listening to my body, and being open to new ideas. I don’t ever want to be a diet-fanatic (hahaha, THAT ship has sailed), but I DO want to be health, environment, and self-conscious. The food I make is (supposedly) yummy, good for you, and occasionally visually appealing as well! A lot of it seems simple….because I like simple food.

Lastly, Amy + Fire is a riff on my last name, which is old, German, and apparently means fire-smith. That was the clever part.


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