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July Eats

Not every meal I gobble down is worthy of a recipe – in fact, most of them aren’t, or are just variations on something I’ve already posted. However, I know how much I like looking at pictures of food, so I thought I’d share some of my I’ve-only-got-fifteen-minutes, FEED-ME-NOW meals from the incredibly busy month … Continue reading

Salads / Side Dishes

Salads of Summer

Summer abundance has officially (it wasn’t official before, trust me) arrived in the form of crates of cucumbers and tomatoes. They’ve been trickling in for a couple weeks now, but now that they’ve quite literally burst onto the scene, my life is whole. Complete, really. I could die happy now – well, right after I … Continue reading

Salads / Snapshots

Summer Eating

I wish I had truly brilliant, utterly inspiring recipes around my ears right now, but that wouldn’t be honest or true. I’ve been eating pretty simply, to be honest. Straight from the ground to the mouth, with the occasional cookery thrown in for kicks. But that’s the beauty of summer. The winter is designed for … Continue reading